Corporate Responsibility


environmentBeing the change we want to see in the world”

We understand and are aware of the close links between business and the society. As a responsible corporate citizen, we constantly look out for ways to give back to the society and play our role in creating a better life by making a difference in it.

Encompassing the Present

There are various organisations that are relentless in their efforts in creating greater awareness to aid the less fortunate, and encouraging people to extend a helping hand. We applaud their benevolence and strive to support their noble causes. Throughout the years, the company has sponsored and donated for various causes, charity events, health awareness campaigns and many more. After all, giving is better than receiveing.

Embracing the Future

We firmly believe that youths are the future pillars of the nation and will play a key role in the global movement towards development. To support and enhance the talent and potential residing in youths these days, our doors are always open to young, fresh graduates with the drive and passion to succeed. Through our internship programs, they will be able to gain invaluable hands-on hard skills and soft skills about the diversified M&E Engineering industry from the experienced and skilled workforce at BOND M&E Sdn Bhd.

Embracing the World

Apart from playing our role in contributing to the society as above, the strong held value of keeping the environment clean and safe is deeply incalculated in all our staff to ensure that every step is taken to reduce, reuse and recycle. Everything ranging from old computers, used papers and boxes to used printers and ink cartridges in our possession are thoroughly comtemplated for possible reusability, extending its lifespan, given to the needy or recycled to reduce our carbon footprint.